Australian Stories in Song

Michael Fix and Mark Cryle join forces, creating a unique musical perspective on Australian history. People and events are bought to life in song; whether singing of the Aboriginal fast bowler Eddie Gilbert, or the doughty St Patrick Day's protesters confronting police batons in Brisbane in 1948, or Ronald Ryan, the last hanged man in Australia. When Mark sings about visiting Sideshow Alley at the Brisbane Ekka as a child and a Dad, every word rings true without any cloying sentimentality.

Both Mark and Michael are multi-instrumentalists and seasoned performers, and both are passionate about keeping Australia’s chequered history alive - the good, the bad and the ugly - revealed through a catalogue of important original songs. 

The result is a powerful insight into the thoughts and feelings of the people involved, as well as a unique and fresh understanding of the events themselves.

“…hats off to main songwriter Mark Cryle whose melodic hooks could land a marlin" ... Rhythms Magazine 

The most impressive aspect of Mark Cryle's beautiful and lyrical historical songs is that they retain absolute accuracy…without losing any creative force or any melodic vigour and power." Professor Raymond Evans 

Writing songs is a talent that very few people possess. To be able to imbue songs with historical and cultural significance, while instilling a sense of familiarity, requires exceptional talent. Mark Cryle has that gift.” John Graham, musician & band leader of award-winning band, Murphy’s Pigs

Touring and Album release - APRIL 2021