Track Notes for Cloudsurfing Recorded between November 2018 & April 2019, at Parklands Studio, Brisbane. 

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1. Waiting for Mr Wang (M Fix - Control) 3:03

The idea for this tune came about during the 2018 China tour. Late one night after a concert, the promoter - Mr Wang - was unable to locate his car in the massive underground car park. As I was waiting with 2 colleagues, I mentioned that this (somewhat universal) experience could be turned into a tune.

2. Monet’s Garden (M Fix - Control) 3:11

The French town of Giverny is where the artist Claude Monet lived & worked for most of his life. He planted, and tended to his beautiful garden, which was a reflection of his artistic vision. Today it is a much-visited museum, and it is there that this piece of music was born.

3. We Can Work It Out (Lennon/McCartney - Sony/ATV) 2:04

A favourite Beatles tune from the early part of their career. Two minutes of glorious 60s pop, arranged at the suggestion of one of my guitar students.

4. Denali (M Fix - Control) 3:11

In 2018 I visited Alaska, the highlight of which was a week spent in the wilderness of the Denali National Park, home to North America's highest point: Mount McKinley, now known simply as 'Denali'

5. Heat of the Moment (M Fix - Control) 4:12

Originally on the 2004 release 'Something's Cooking', I re-visited the tune after including it in concerts throughout 2018.

6. MacArthur Park (J Webb - Universal) 4:59

Jimmy Webb is one of my favourite songwriters, and MacArthur Park (1968), seemed to break all the rules of what a 'Top 40' song should be. A long & complicated song, with orchestral movements, endless key changes, abstract lyrics, sung by - not a singer - but renowned actor Richard Harris...nevertheless, it was a hit...and, a great challenge to arrange for guitar!

7. Cloudsurfing (M Fix - Control) 3:44

I enjoy flying in small aircraft, and during a flight across rural Australia in 2019, my pilot took me 'cloudsurfing' - much more interesting than endless blue sky!

8. Opposites Attract (M Fix - Control) 3:30

Another tune re-visited from 2004, this bluesy track is a musical representation of a male/female conversation. The 2 voices move in opposite directions, leading inevitably to a small argument, after which they resolve their differences & finish the conversation in friendly unison.

9. Taxi (H Chapin - WB Music Corp.) 5:40

This song is so superbly crafted, it plays out like a good movie...I guess I shouldn't have been at all surprised to learn that Harry Chapin had ambitions to be a screenwriter, before finding success as a songwriter.

10. Watercolours (M Fix - Control) 3:14

Composed during a cruise along the Seine River in France. The combination of light rain, soft grey clouds, and diffused light turned the passing landscape into a watercolour painting.

11. The Balcony Bunch (M Fix - Control) 3:26

Dedicated to my sons who enjoy regularly 'hanging out' together on the balcony of our house. They'll watch videos, listen to music, play games, and talk philosophy (while drinking my wine).

12. Nashville Express (P Posa - Viking Sevenseas) 2:37

Dedicated to New Zealand's Peter Posa (8/8/41 - 3/2/19) and Australia's Phil Emmanuel (6/7/52- 24/5/18). R.I.P Two incredible guitar players linked by this tune. Peter wrote the tune, & Phil made it his own.

  • Produced & Mastered by Michael Fix
  • Glen Hannah - cover photo
  • Chris Hall - Design

Guitars used:

  • 2018 Maton Michael Fix
  • 1989 Maton Albert Lee 
  • 2006 Michael Palm OM
  • 1974 Martin D35S