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Lines & Spaces is Michael Fix’s fourteenth CD release, and emphatically shows why he has become such an in-demand concert artist, touring Europe every year and winning fans from all over the world. He regards all his albums as musical snapshots of a point in time in his life, recording the highs (travels, new rhythmic discoveries), simple pleasures (a child’s smile, birdsong, a storm passing) and lows (loss of a friend, missing family, loss of childhood), and by sharing these universal emotions and experiences, Michael has been able to touch listeners on a very deep and personal level.

01 Young Gun 02 When Thuli Smiles 03 After The Storm 04 Butcherbird 05 Blackbird 06 Happy talk 07 Remembering Ray 08 Silvertop Blues 09 Spaces (Without You) 10 Bolero 11 Waxhead 12 I Saw Her Standing There 13 Coppertown Blues

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