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2 CDs for the price of 1 deal! Just A$19.95 for both. (While stocks last) **   Web of Dreams (2003) "This is a “scenic” album. It’s emotional landscapes, soundtracks to dreams, memories, thoughts and feelings. I really like the idea that you can create scenes with music because that’s how I create my music, as soundtracks to scenes in my mind." Includes "making of Web of Dreams" video clip.

01 Passionfruit 02 Waves 03 Two Left Feet 04 Up And About 05 Fever 06 Right Place Right Time 07 Mellow Interlude 08 Footprints In My Heart 09 Thumb Thing 10 A Triangle Named George 11 Promise 12 A Sad Interlude 13 When A Tear Drop Falls 14 4 A.M. 15 Web Of Dreams   Transfixed (2001) takes a retrospective look at Michael's ten-year recording career. Included are most of the tracks that were finalists in the CMAA awards, including the 1999 and 2000 Golden Guitar winning tunes "Mr Wonglepong" and "Walkin' The Walk".

01 Mr Wonglepong 02 Bush Bash 03 Dill Pickle Rag 04 Sunrise Over Alice 05 Rainy Day Blues Summer Storm 07 Sun Daze 08 Winds of Change 09 Green Thumb 10 Gully Breeze 11 Walkin' the Walk 12 Stringin' the Blues 13 Breakup Breakdown

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