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AU$20.00 Some of the world's great guitar players duet with Michael on this delightful album. Fifteen tracks cover a wide range of emotions and styles, and throughout, there is the spontaneity and joy of friends engaging in musical conversations. "Recording this album has been a total delight for me – sitting face to face with some of my favourite guitar players. My intention was to make each track a musical conversation – swapping lead lines, playing harmony lines, counter-melodies, back and forth like two people chatting. I truly hope you enjoy the dialogue."

01 Guanches (Featuring Andrea Valeri) 02 Mas Que Nada (Featuring Stephen Bennett) 03 My Sweet Baby (Featuring Nick Charles) 04 Martina (Featuring Tommy Emmanuel) 05 Two Guitars (Featuring Justin McCoy) 06 All My Loving (Featuring Adam Rafferty) 07 Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (Featuring Bruce Mathiske) 08 Demolition Derby (Featuring Brendan Radford) 09 Baby's Coming Home (Featuring Tommy Emmanuel) 10 Happy to Be Happy (Featuring Jason McGregor) 11 Old Guitar Blues (Featuring Paul Robert Burton and Andrew Toner) 12 When I Fall In Love (Featuring Louie Shelton) 13 Optimystical (Featuring Sam Shepherd) 14 Victory Rag_Doc's Guitar (Featuring Nick Charles) 15 Danny Boy_Ashokan Farewell (Featuring Paul Robert Burton and Andrew Toner)   


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