mailing list request: 'what a wonderful world'

Hello everyone,

Wow, so many requests coming in - thank you! I'm noting them all, and it looks like I'll be kept busy for a while!

This week's request is for Manfred, from Böblingen in Germany: What a Wonderful World - the Louie Armstrong classic from 1967. I'll always associate this song with the movie Good Morning Vietnam, (starring Robin Williams)



acoustic player coverI present a 'guest workshop' in the new edition of Germany's Acoustic Player Magazine...rather chuffed to be on the same page as Mark Knopfler, and see my name in amongst some of my guitar heroes! 

"Der australische Fingerstyle-Meister Michal Fix zeigt den Lesern des ACOUSTIC PLAYER im Gast-Workshop seinen Song 'Two Time Shuffle'. Hier geht es um flottes Fingerpicking auf Basis eines Wechselbasses. Michaels Gute-Laune-Song steht für das, was weiterentwickeltes Travis-Picking weltweit so populär macht: Groove, eine griffige Melodie, treibende Bassbewegung und Akkordverbindungen aus Blues und Rag."

Thanks for your comments on the 'new-look' newsletter, (and web site), you'll notice I've taken your ideas on board.

Until next time...Michael

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