Happy New Year, 2019 is here!

2019, here we go...! 😃

2019 is here...Happy New Year, lets hope its a good one...   Can't see images? Click here...

Warm greetings, and Happy New Year to all of you, wherever you may be!

2018 was quite an amazing year for me, I covered a lot of ground, from a tour of outback Queensland (my home state - its big!) to Tuscany, China (also big!!) Germany, and the UK, with rest stops in France, and Alaska. 


New DVD/Book

Book & DVD, notation and tabs
Degree of difficulty: medium
DVD in English language.

Michael Fix introduces six own compositions, whose grooving bass lines serve as exercises for the right hand. The pieces train finger and thumb independence, palm muting, and control of sustain and dynamics, to ensure that the bass line stays separate from the melody.


How does 4 days of guitar tuition in the beautiful Austrian countryside sound? Welcome to the 'Austria Guitar Retreat' at Jagdschloß Wolfstein, Kochholz August 25-29, 2019. Its all inclusive - meals, accommodation, tuition! (Partners welcome too). Limited to 14 participants. 

Registration: Email: info@beer-and-guitar.com 
Media Consulting/Medienberatung H.D. Scherer,
Michael Fix Workshop/Vacation in Austria - Wachau. August 25-29, 2019


Some Pics...Top L: with my new Maton MF, & the first Maton MF to find its way to China. Top R: with Andrea Valeri in Florence, Bottom L: typical post-concert scene in China, Bottom R: with Dirk Jungbluth, who not only repaired my guitar after it was damaged, but presented me with a beautiful hand built ukelele.


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