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Well, what a year this is turning out to be. After the destructive weather events that wrought such havoc at the start of the year, we are now struggling with a global pandemic. All public events are cancelled, and that means no tours or concerts. 

My 2020 Europe/UK tour is currently 'on hold', including the various guitar camps I've planned this year: Austria & Norway (August). UPDATE: both camps POSTPONED until 2021

The Wollongong Guitar Camp scheduled for April has been postponed until Oct 31/Nov 1

Details here.

I plan to use this time in the studio; I have various recording projects to complete, videos to shoot, and songs to write. I've also resumed giving online guitar lessons via Skype. If you'd like to discuss lessons, or a recording project with me, please send me a note.

While you are here, please join the mailing list - it really is the best way we can stay in touch! (scroll down, sign up, receive a gift!) I make all my announcements here, & via my newsletter.

We are all facing major challenges, and we are all in this together. Stay safe, follow all the medical advice, and we'll soon kick COVID-19's butt!! This might be the perfect time to rediscover the joy of listening to complete albums, from start to finish, just like we used to.