Thank You Fireys!

Friends around the world are seeing images of the devastating fires happening here in Australia, & I thank you for your emails of concern & support. 

My home (Brisbane) is relatively unaffected by the blazes, but everyone has been affected…

What, it's Christmas already??

Hi Gang, 

I don't know about you, but this year has gone by quicker than any year I can remember. It's also been one of the busiest years I've ever had. In September I turned 60, and with it came…

Golden Guitar finalists announced

The CMAA have announced the finalists for the 2020 Golden Guitar Awards. Winners will be announced in Tamworth, January 25th.

Im a finalist in the 'Instrumental of the Year' category, with The Balcony Bunch - (Band Version)


Home for summer

Hello gang,

After ten weeks of travelling (Europe/UK), I'm back home in Brisbane, just in time for summer heat, and the bushfire season. It was a fantastic tour, so many great memories & new friends. Jet lag is always a…

New digital single release...

August 23 is the launch of a new track, The Balcony Bunch (Band Version), a single released to online streaming services. The composition was inspired by my sons, and features two of them on the recording; Adrian on Drums,

Love/hate my office!

I'm home again in my office (and studio) after the Acoustic Guitar Spectacular tour, and I have 3 weeks before I head off to Europe and's the times in between tours when the real work gets done. In addition…

Celebration - lets go Cloudsurfing!

Celebration time! 

Ahead of the official release date, and by way of thanking you for your support, you have first option to grab your copy of my new CD Cloudsurfing - with a 20% discount!

This is my sixteenth album,…


un-learning - re-learning Classical Gas


Have you ever had to 'unlearn' a skill that's totally ingrained, and then had to re-learn it in a new way?

As a follow-up to last week's video request for Classical Gas (thanks for all your comments), I was…

I'm 15 again, re-learning Classical Gas. (Video Request)

John, a member of the 'Sunshine Coast Guitar Orchestra' asked me if I would video a performance of the Mason Williams 1968 instrumental hit Classical Gas.

That sounded like a great idea - I've been playing that tune since I…