September - 'We're alright, it's just Road Wear'

A new month - a new tune!  My September single Road Wear is a personal reflection on the ageing process shared by both player and instrument .

In a recent photo shoot, the photographer had me hold my rather scratched…

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August news - Marking time

A new month - a new tune!  My August single is Marking Time is a new country/blues acoustic guitar instrumental. 

For people working in the arts industry, life has been on hold this past couple of years, and phrases like…

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New Music - Man On The Wire

July 1 is the release date for Man On The Wire. Co-written with Mark Cryle, the song details the life of one of Australia's most celebrated entertainers. 

Con Colleano - the 'Wizard of the Wire' - was an internationally…

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New album with Richard Gilewitz

We interrupt normal transmission to bring you news of an unexpected musical surprise: a new duets album by Michael Fix & Richard Gilewitz - Echoes From The Past 

Richard, from the USA, has been a regular visitor to Australia, and…

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Memories of a Traveller

New Single - June 1. This month's track is called The Traveller, a minor key fingerpicking guitar tune that twists & turns like a country lane, the sort of tune I might have been playing when the photo…

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It's been a bumpy ride...

Last month I suggested we ride the Red Vespa, this's a Bumpy Ride...I didn't plan the track sequencing this way - honest! - it's just the way the tracks are popping out each month.

Bumpy Ride is an acoustic…

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April 1 - Let's Ride!

New single, plus video - April 1. 

If I were the motorbiking kind, I’d ride a Vespa. A red one. I’ve been threatening to buy a Vespa each time I’ve returned home from a tour of Italy, (and especially after…

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New music & video - Flâneur (Feb1)

Hello friends, 

On the first of every month, I will be releasing a new track. 

Arriving on streaming platforms on February 1 is a new solo piece called Flâneur

Flâneur is a peculiar French word that describes a person…

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'North & South' now on streaming platforms

It's been 2 years since Christine Collister & I last performed together, in fact, our very last concert was in Gladstone (Qld), the night before the first wave of Covid lockdowns began in March 2020.

North & South is our…

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And so this is Christmas...

My last newsletter for 2021...well, it's been quite a year, hasn't it! Even today, I learnt that Tasmania's Cygnet Folk Festival - where I was booked to perform in 3 weeks time - has been postponed to 2023, due to…

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