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Its been an action-packed couple of months...Ive just returned from my debut in China (Nightwish Guitar Festival, Beijing). It was fantastic, I met so many eager young guitar-pickers, and I was amazed to be greeted by players who not only knew my tunes, but played them too! 

And, Ive completed recording my new CD Bending Air.

The CD will be launched first in Europe in September, then Australia in mid-October.

Im looking ahead now to my annual Europe tour: Germany, Italy, Austria, and (for the first time) Scotland.

Tour Dates:

Aug 23 'The Bug' New Farm Bowls Club, 8pm My last Brisbane show before Europe tour. (Album preview).

Sep 8-11 The tour starts (very pleasantly!), in Tuscany, Italy with a guitar camp. 4 days of guitar/food/wine heaven! Contact staffweb.av@gmail.com to book a spot, and for all the information.


tuscany camp

Sep 14 Braunschweig Brunsviga

Sep 16 Spittal a.d. drau Schloss Porcia

Sep 17, 18 Lenzing Musikhaus Hofer

Sep 19 Burghausen Knoxoleum

Sep 20 Linz Alte Welt

Sep 22 Biebrich kulturclub

Sep 23 Maisach Brauerei Maisach

Sep 24 Maisach workshop

Sep 25 Steinhoring

Sep 27 Kassel Kulturzentrum Schlachthof

Sep 28 Wuppertal die Borse

Sep 29 Osnabruck Lutherhaus

Sep 30 Schwerte Paul-Gerhardt-Haus

Oct 1 Sendenhorst Haus Siekmann

Oct 2 Delmenhorst Musikhaus spula

Oct 3 Gutersloh Musikgalerie

Oct 4 Oberhausen Gdanska

Oct 7-9  Ullapool Festival (Scotland) 

Oct 12 Dortmund (Haus Konzert)

Oct 13 Wulfrath Wurghaus

Oct 14 Hagen (Haus Konzert)

Oct 15 Sponheim Klosterkirche

Oct 16 Kaiserslauten Hardrock Cafe

Im looking forward to meeting all my friends in Europe; all the details are online:michaelfix.com/tours/

I can’t wait to play for you, & I look forward to seeing you again soon! 



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