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I'm having a break from touring (until July), which has given me time to review my website, shoot new videos, produce other artists, and write and record new tunes for my next CD. 


I have new tracks to share with you, recently filmed at my home. (A preview of the next album)




I'm inviting you to send me requests, and I'll make a short video for you...old or new, original or cover, it doesn't matter!

Here's the first request: Ryan from Broken Hill asked for 'We Can Work It Out' by The Beatles...



Until next time...



How does 4 days of guitar tuition in the beautiful Austrian countryside sound?
Welcome to the 'Austria Guitar Retreat' at Seminarhotel Jagdschloß Wolfstein, Kochholz August 25-29, 2019. Its all inclusive - meals, accommodation, tuition! (Partners welcome too). Limited to 14 participants.

(Click image to see the video. It's in German, with English sub-titles)

Registration/information: Email:
Media Consulting/Medienberatung H.D. Scherer,
Michael Fix Workshop/Vacation in Austria - Wachau. August 25-29, 2019


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